Unlimited love by @hulphond.snobben

SD Collection
€ 10,00

The story of Rianne and Snobben

Snobben changed my life completely. I had been on waitinglists, therapy didn't do much for me and I was stuck at home. I wasn't a part of the society anymore. 

I wasn't the right candidate for a servicedog of the bigger organisations, because I didn't suffer from PTSD due to working for the government. After searching for a long time I found Foundation Vom Falorie.

They are a small organisation that train servicedogs for people with mental health problems. The dogs are trained for someones specific need. After the first interview me and Snobben had an instant connection and that's how he became my servicedog.

In the four years that I have had Snobbenwe have made major steps together. Right now I'm back at working 24H a week, go out to the office on a regular basis, do volunteer work, engage in social events and even therapy is starting to work. I have my life back thanks to my hero with 4 paws. 

The love he gives me and I feel for him is what made me choose this fabric. Neon yellow is the color for servicedogs that are part of this organisation and a lot of others! As most people know I love to pick cool outfits for Snobben and how cool would this look with his SD vest? 

A part of the proceeds of this fabric will go to the foundation that helped me be a part of society again. Thanks to them I have learned to live, instead of survive!