Valentines bandana "Hug-a-Saurus"

€ 10,00

Everyone needs to hug a saurus every once in a while. Am I right? We think this bandana would be a perfect fit for every pooch that loves big hugs. You know, like Olav in Frozen. This awesome bandana comes with a surprise reverse side. No worries, it will match the colors on the front such as green and black. 


Because we think every canine that looks like a dinosaur with fur needs this bandana, we've also made this item in size 4! 


Limited quantities!


We've changed our sizes a little bit!


1: Width: 19 cm, drop length 15 cm

2: Width: 22,5 cm, drop length 16 cm

3: Width: 24 cm, drop length 19,5 cm

4: Width: 28 cm, drop length 23 cm


Sizes and patterns can vary depending on the designs.