Snap - Rose garden black

€ 4,95

1, 2, 3 snap!


What makes us different from other collar companies is the possibility to switch up your collar in just a few seconds, even without taking it off.


Whether you prefer flowers, leopard or abstract prints, we have over 40 fabrics you can choose from to design your own perfect collar. It's your choice!


To make sure they stay in perfect shape, we make the snaps from biothane with a fabric skin.


Now go and have fun creating Your Choice Collar!




The snaps are both hand and machine washable. When you put them in the washing machine it's best to put them in a pillow case in between the rest of the laundry. We don't advise your dog to go swimming with the fabric snaps, but when they do get wet (whether it's from washing, swimming or heavy rain) you can dry both sides of the snaps with a cotton swap. This will help prevent it from rusting.